Before & After

There are many philosophies and techniques in hair transplantation. Dr. Stough believes a technique should only be used if the result demonstrates benefits in the short-term (0-5 years) as well as the long-term (10+ years). Thus a particular procedure may produce wonderful short term results and excellent photographs but may deteriorate with time. The Feathering Zone Technique Dr Stough utilizes, creates lasting results that withstand the test of time.

  • Before-2853 Grafts
    After-2853 Grafts
    Before2853 GraftsAfter
  • Before-2706 Grafts
    After-2706 Grafts
    Before2706 GraftsAfter
  • Before-843 Grafts
    After-843 Grafts
    Before843 GraftsAfter
  • Before-3393 Grafts
    After-3393 Grafts
    Before3393 GraftsAfter
  • Before-1752 Grafts
    After-1752 Grafts
    Before1752 GraftsAfter
  • Before-5024 Grafts
    After-5024 Grafts
    Before5024 GraftsAfter
  • Before-2316 Grafts
    After-2316 Grafts
    Before2316 GraftsAfter
  • Before-1499 Grafts
    After-1499 Grafts
    Before1499 GraftsAfter
  • Before-2069 Grafts
    After-2069 Grafts
    Before2069 GraftsAfter
  • Before-1907 Grafts
    After-1907 Grafts
    Before1907 GraftsAfter
  • Before-1367 Grafts
    After-1367 Grafts
    Before1367 GraftsAfter
  • Before-1472 Grafts
    After-1472 Grafts
    Before1472 GraftsAfter