Our Team

The staff assisting the surgeon is an extremely important element of the hair transplant procedure. A well-trained staff is essential to a successful hair transplantation. The technicians assisting the surgeon are an integral part of the surgery as well as the surgical outcome. Today’s hair transplants are very tedious, labor intensive procedures requiring a detail oriented team to execute the surgery. Dr. Stough’s staff has been with him an average of 9 years with many on staff for more than 10 years.

Dr Stough’s staff has traveled the world training technicians as well as continuing their own training and perfecting their skills. Our technicians attend meetings and hands on workshops each year to keep up to date on the latest techniques and innovations in hair transplant surgery. Our patients always comment on the excellent care provided by the staff at The Stough Clinic. It is one of Dr Stough’s main emphases – a well trained staff providing patient care compared to no other. Skilled technicians are one of the most important aspects of a hair transplant procedure. A physician without a trained staff is virtually ineffective. With today’s large sessions a team of personnel is required for each surgery.